"It doesn't matter how long it takes, if the end result is a good theorem."

-John Tate

                                                                                                  Current Work(PhD)

I am currently working on a problem that broadly uses Arithmetic geometry, Algebraic geometry, Galois Cohomology, K-theory, and skew field theory. This work is still in progress and any further updates will appear here... 

                                                                                                 Masters' Thesis 

Aug 2019 - June 2020: Connectivity of the tropical double ramification cycle, Supervision of Dr. Dmitry Zakharov, CMU, Department of Mathematics, Michigan, United States. 

(In this master’s thesis, we studied the connectivity properties of a polyhedral object known as the tropical double ramification DR cycle. We proved that the tropical DR cycle has the same connectedness property for a particular choice of parameters. )